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Dec, 14, 2010
I finally did it! I finally updated it! Coloring reminds me why I went to b/w. It takes a long time...

Dec, 12, 2010
What's this!? Activity!? Mew!?

Sept, 05, 2008
Hope you're enjoying the view! If Commander Aya saw you peeking, she won't give any cake

August 26, 2008
Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear! It has been awhile and I miss it...

I was re-reading my Rave Kitty strips last night and I have no idea why I stopped! It was getting somewhere and I stopped!? What an idiot I am! I know there are those who ask if I will ever continue.... and you know what?

I will

This year we'll see Rave Kitty's comeback. With the aid of my trusty Cintiq12WX, we can make miracles. Stay tuned kitties.

Tuesday , December 14 , 2010

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