May 21, 2004
After the broken problem, they upfixed the Kittyfish to 1.5

Dear extremely cute kitten,

How come when Jamie is in "kitty mode" in her comic she has two sets of ears? (two cat, two human)


She is not real cat, she just acts like one sometimes. The 2nd set of ears is for cuteness, not for hearing.


Dear Wiccan,

I have to ask you one question that's been on my mind for awhile--why did you jump down Angel's shirt awhile back in the Lounge comics? There are some solutions in my head as to why you did, but I want to know what you have to say about it.



Ah, so soft and warm... squishy! And she smelled pretty.

Dear Wiccan,

Hi, I'm a long-time reader, first time asker, and I just wanted to know one thing: Light or dark?! (side of the force) Just because you're a black kitty doesn't mean you have to be evil. My friends and I have been in quite the debate. My friend Jeff says you don the robes of the sith and use Force Grip to eliminate non-petters and non-feeders, but I think you use your uber-kitty-cuteness, together with the Jedi mind trick, to dissolve tension between neighboring countries, and only act aggressively to defend Jamie from the scary scratching post. Please answer soon, as there seems to be no end of this debate in sight.

Your bestest fan
-John ^_^


I am kitty jedi-master! The force is with mew!


Dear Wiccan,

Wiccan, Jamie is most certainly a cat-girl... is this your doing? Do you plan to make everyone a cat in a bid for world domination?

"Eschew Obfuscation"


No, no. Jamie was a kitty girl long before she met me. My bid for world domination.... bwahahaha.


Dear Wiccan

Serge is what i go by.i am 21 male and a romance writer. i am one of thos Nice guys you know will always be ther to listen and help. i have already solved my problem by giving up. but i still want ot know is "why do girls always perfer to be with a Jerk?" i have had 32 seprit girls cheat on me and leave me for some ass they they are still with to this day.

Lounge fan

PS. my site


I am a cat, I don't really understand human women either. But, keep looking, there are nice girls out there who are tired of dating dogs and are looking for a real cool tomcat to sing them midnight serenades on moonlit nights.

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