June 11 , 2004
Keep the questions coming and I will mew!

Dear Wiccan,

I recently saw a hypnotist show and it was quite amazing, though I wonder...with skills like that you can really manipulate people. Whats your opinion on hypnosis?



A kitty goddess have no need for hynposis... people do what I ask with but a mew. ;p

Dear Kitten Goddess,

I wish to delve into the mind of the feline kind. So please help me understand one thing that I bet everyone is thinking, but forgetting to ask. The world is full of cats, Black ones >{^.^}<, white ones, spotted and yellow. But no matter what type of cat or kitten it is, they always will pounce on a dot made by a laser pointer or flashlight. What loophole is in the kitten that all-but forces them to do such actions. This flaw in cat physiology could spell doom for your secret bid for world domination (which apparently isn't so secret your kitteness).

I come baring soft, warm and fuzzy things,


I shall overcome..... oooh..... shiny.... *pouncecrash*

Dear Wiccan,

I know a girl and I like here and how do I tell her i like her without it sounding dorky or anything lame? -not doctor van kuglor

PS. How the hell can a kat wrote.


Just talk to her? And maybe you kittyfish broken too? I walk across the keyboard and it goes "dsfghsdjkghfkjghfdjkghjkfdghfdjk", kittyfish write for me from my mew. They make human version of this to mew and type for you.

Dear Wiccan,

Hello Wiccan,
I'm a new reader, and
I have two questions.
1. How old are you? Are you a baby kitty, or a grown up?
2. What's the softest thing you've ever come across?

-Dani S.


1. Never nice to ask lady ask, even if she's a kitty. ;p
2. Girl squishy things... they are boobs?

Dear Wiccan;

How do I fix my catapult? It keeps firing backwards.


Turn it other way?

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