June 21 , 2004
Meww!! Sowwy for this late edition of AW!!!! Lots of strange things happen, but everything is okay kitty!

Dear Wiccan,

Howdy. I am Alex Gascot. I'm just writing to ask a couple things:

1. What does it mean to be "turbo"?

2. Why are you and Jamie so cute?

3. How did you become a Kitty Goddess?

4. If you beat me to world domination, can I have Spain?

5. Are there any kitty combat skills you can teach me?

Thank you for your time Wiccan and good luck on the world domination thing.

Your Competitor for the Conquest of the Known World,

Alex Gascot

aka Alex-o-Tron


1. To be really powerful? I cat, not dictionary.
2. It is the law, if we not cute all will crumble.
3. Loyal subjects beeseeching and throwing offerings before my feet. ;p
4. Maybe you have Australia?
5. All kitty combat moves are secret and must be obtained from secret ancient kitty monks somewhere in big litterbox. o.o

Dear Wiccan,

How come rabbits arent cuter than kittens?



Dear Wiccan,

If there was someone you could kill, who would it be, why, and how?


I kill no one... my food is given to me.

Dear Wiccan,

I have a question for you; Whatever happened to that girl who was obsessed with dragons? Did she ever find them? Also, my friend Mike has some kind of weird obsession with Jamie's cuteness, and wants to know what kind of catnip she likes best.


Brandon "The Shadow"

Alex "The Artist!"



Nat-chan went to find her dragon, I know not if she found them. Jamie's catnip is secret stash.

Dear Wiccan,

Ich will wissen warum du deutsch sprechen kannst?
(For all the non-german speakers: "I want to know why is Wiccan able to speak german?")
You know, back when the Kittyfish(TM) broke.

I just love Jamie, she IS my fav! (Sorry for you, Wiccan. Your only second.)
Many hugs to you and may the MEW be with you!

Your fan forever!
Don Bob


Waarom, wat er ook u betekent?

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