February 18, 2005

o.o Kitty nap and wake to see a new year have come! Must resolve to answer more letter!

oh my gosh!! you and i both have the same b-days!! i am so seriouse!!
your friend,
Catgirl AF

my human self has a habit of saying "nyah" and "nyao" when agreeing or disagreeing or as a subsitute for "right?". i want to know
if thats normal.


Norrrmal? If it work for kitty, then it right for kitty.

Dear Wiccan,

Who is Cowgirl Camille, and why are you running from her?



I no like being chased. Camille is Jamie yarn ball happy roomie. I must run or she will tie me up in a ball of yarn!

To the bearer of the mew,

Have you ever read the webcomic Girly (http://go-girly.com/)? It has a super cute kitty as well. I think that if your mewness could not take over the world, you should mate with that kitty, as it's invincibility mixed with your Übercuteness would be a creature completely and utterly able to rule this planet. (kitty in said comic mot have name, but referred to as 'marshmallow')


What is this obsess with me mating with other kitty? o.0;

Oh greta kitty goddess.,

I was wondering if I could help you take over the world. Maybe I could command a mech kitty fleet, or something like that. Just letting me help with anything would be fine. Also, where are you going to take over first? If its nearby, I wanna help. Mew!! Thank you mighty one.



I plot in secret. I must not reveal when I pounce and conquer all! Bwahahahahaha.


Hello huggable Wiccan...

Girls make very cute cat-girls. But what about boys?
How do I (I'm a boy) be a cat-boy?

Or is there another type of animal that looks cute for

Are boys even supposed to look cute, or is that territory of girls? And if it is, who decided that? No fair!




Toms think cute is death. They prefer term - manly or handsomes. I think they all silly kitty!

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