October 31, 2004
Meeeew!! Spooky things that bump into the nite and lots of candy! Keep sending those e-mails!

I've noticed many people ask about relationship problems etc. Here in the nastiness called the real world, I have found that people crave excitement, and often chase after those they find exciting, leaving or ignoring those they don't. Excitement is unfortunately shallow, extremely vague, and even tends to become less of a demand as one ages. Is that the same as what goes on in the kitty world?

Also, what are your thoughts on seppuko? Do kitties feel shame?

Tegweniel Westwind
Wanna-be bard


What is this sep-puko? Do I eat it? Kitties are mew of the mew no matter what the world think! We not shallow, only furry and warm.

HI! Wiccan
I was wondering what would you do if Jamie(or someone else) got drunk and you were the only one there to help him/her? I felt I need to know ( I pet and hug you)

from Bakura aka Joe Carnes


I kitty... I mew and pounce on soft warm squishy things. o.0;

Dear Wiccan,
My parents will not budge on the "you cannot date until you are seventeen" there is this boy who has fallen in love with me and vice versa. He wants to respect my parents wishes by not geting serious or physical at all. A hug is all I can do. How can i change his mind to at least let me hold his hand? Please help me out!!!


Just wait? I hope he not sit on you or eat you shoe. This physical thing sound bad, maybe parents have reason to want you to wait?

Nyo, nyo!

You see, I am also a kitty that wants to RULE the WORLD! But, because of my smallness, people doesn't take me seriously! Oh, Wiccan! You that is sooo small! You should know: What should me do~? :/

Thankie kitty!

>>Kura-chan~ ...or koneko ^__^ *flash peace sign*


Plot, mew, stay away catnip.


Nya Wiccan:

Nyao nyao Nya Nyu Nyo Nyao III, nyao nyan nyun nyao nyo nyon nyu. Nyao nyo nyu nyun nyao nyo nyon nyo nyu? Nyo nyao nyaon nyo nyu nyao nya nyao nyan. Nyao 3 Nyu Nyu nyu nyao nyan nya. Nyao nyan nyo-nyo 3 Nyu Nyu? Nyao 3 Nyu Nyu nyan nyua nyao nyon. Nyan nyu nya.

Nyan Nyo Nya,
Nya Nyu Nyo Nyao III


Mew? Heavy accent kitty... mew mew mew?

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