October 25, 2004
Mew! Very late update but, creator very very busy. Must be playing in catnip! CATNIP!

Dearest Wiccan,

This would be a quick question and I'm sure you'd be able to answer it. My friend is convinced she's feline. She will rub against me. Sleep on my tummy, and mew differently according to her moods. How would I go about understanding her better? ^_^;



Talking to her? Sound like you are her special tom - mew back and see!

Dear wiccan,

My brother is confused about entering tokyopop's manga comp. me and one of our friends are entering something, and he thinks that he's not good enough to. so I ask you, since you're so squishy-ness-ness...what should he do?

oh, and the lounge& Rave kitty are a personal fav!

one of your "many" admirers,


Try! You never know what will happen. Never give up on you kitty dreams! Practice make purrfect!!!

Your so cool. Your like the coolest cat. but why are you squishy? Thats so cute like, hot and sexy. Are you a guy or a girl cat?


I am magical kitty... o.o Mew?!?!

Mew Wiccan,
What be your favorite DDR song to dance/bounce & mew to and are you up to heavy yet?

some guy over here


End of the Century; D2R; Break Down; Maxx Unlimited. They need to make a kitty pad - I no stretch that far. :/


This question may seem a bit off, but its been bugging me for a while...

Your name is Wiccan...so does that mean you're Wicca? Wiccan? Magic?

Thanks for your time,



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