October 10, 2004
Wiccan wants to know when I can have fish candy.

Dear Wiccan,

I have a weakness for catgirls, and Jamie is no exception. Her kawaii-ness and beauty is too great to put into words, and her eyes are so beautiful, and....errr..... Should I confess my love to her, or is she secretly in love with Aya and I should find another catgirl to love?
- Nikk Strif


Could confess you love or find another kitty girl? o.0

Hello beautiful Wiccan!

I'm a girl who loves cats more than anything. My question is, what can I, as a human, do to be more catlike? Since you are the best cat ever, you are the only one to ask.

Swedish CopyCat

P.S When you take over the world I can take care of Sweden for you. There isn't much to do here anyway. Mjau (mew in swedish)


Hmm.. mew, purr when someone rub you belly, nap in sunbeam, pounce on mouseys...

Welcome back at Kittyfish, Miss Wiccan

As I promised, here is my second question. You didn't answer the first one on the page, but I don't blame you. Funny thing is, Poe is back in nekothekitty, so you can get another chance to hit on him! ^-^

Aaaanyways, here's my question. It's bothering me for a very long time already.

I am quite used to cat girls, but the one girl I once was together with (we don't "date" in Germany) never was one of them. She had guinnepigs and such, but when I met her again, she told me she now had a lizard.

How do you get a lizard girl to like you again? Or is it just plain foolish for I am a wolf guy?

THX for the advice up front. ANd tell Jamie not to freak out when people draw her in sexual attractive ways. I think she's better than Italy (and hundred times better than Amy) in her special way of kittyness. Way to go, Wiccan! Great teaching!




Not eat her lizards?

Who's the best Lounge member, real or comic-only, to snuggle up against inside their shirt and why? Like, who's the softest, the squishyest, etc.



Italy... Angel... Aya doesn't let this kitty get too close... So soft... squishy... nice smelling....


I have always wanted to know, What is the deal with cats and warm sunbeams coming in through windows? Does it have some evil power of napping that we are unaware of?
Your humble reader


It's nice and comforting. Ever sleep in a warm spot on a nice day? It's soo... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

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