October 01, 2004
Spooky!!! Ask Wiccan lands on the first of Mewtember! Boo! Boo!

Dear Ebony Goddess of the Realm of Kitty,

I have a question. I'm a very shy little fox, and I've been somewhat afraid of a relationship after my last two attempts, where both girls left me for a jerk. The one guy would feel one of the two up infront of me, just to make me depressed. The other threatened me, while the girl didn't care. So my question is, what is a shy little vulpine male supposed to get over this? I'm worried that I'm going to get hurt again, but I also want to go out and find a vixen...or she wolf(As opposed to the less flatteirng term) ...or Cheetah female(I'm a fan of the Comic book Gold Digger). Thank you for you're time, oh Omnipotent

Kitty Overlord.

PS: The Foxes support you for world domination! Show those jabbering Apes what a real leader looks like! Viva la Mew!


Maybe wait a little while before dating another pretty lady of any species? You never know when you have to take the jump - just not be afraid of the fall. It'll come in time and maybe when you least expect it.

Your Kitty Goddessness,

Since you seem to be the kitty to ask this question; who's boobies aremore comfortable: Italy, Aunt Angel, or Jamie? Also, does Jamie wear a bra, or does she take after Italy?

-A lonely guy, UTMorpheus

BTW: If your looking to start world domination, control the world's coffee. People can't seem to live without coffee.


All... so squishy and warm... and merow. ;p I could tell you, but I don't want to be kitty litter - I'll jump halfway; I like to wear Jamie's bras on my head.

Oh Great Kitty, for whom I have traveled the murky depths of cyberspace.

I have a few questions that I be needing to know the answers to.

Firstly, will Jamie ever go Goth? Even for one episode? She'd so match your colour scheme.

Secondly, why do I keep seeing the dead?

Thirdly, will the old sixpence I lost down the back of the sofa ever turn up?

Fourthly, does Jamie like Iron Maiden?

Fifthly, Any chance of me setting you up with the kitty next door? A black and white striped kitty called Spot. Such a cute kitty, and one who greatly admires you. Oooh! you'd make such a cute couple.

Thankies for your time, oh Great one.



See JJ Lounge Gallery, there a couple goth Jamie piccies. You see dead people?! Too many scary movie!! o.0 Iron Maiden like metal thing with pointy sharp things that hurt; why she like that? And errm.. kitty blind date... o.0;

Dear Wiccan,

What is the secret to success? Any advise to an up and coming accounting student? Do you think Mewing would help me get a job?

Thanks and I hope you take over the world soon, we need a better leader than who is there.

Dodger K


Work hard, be purrsistant and never give up! Maybe I not the best kitty for advice on account things? Maybe Angel?

Dear Wiccan,
I have a crush on this guy, but he has a crush on a girl that I don't know. What should I do?


Talk to the boy?

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