September 23, 2004
Vacation! Mew! Vacation! I will pounce!

Hello Wiccan,

Recently I found a (new to me) comic online, after a small delay( I had to email the artist for the zipped archive) I read through the entire
archive in one go. My problem is this:
I don't think I can wait for the next update.

Do you have any suggestions on how to convince the artist to start updating more often. 3 or 4 times a day should suffice.

Thank you Kindly
Desperate in Europe.


o.o; Good drawing take time. That way too much to ask... heads would go splode and hands ache muchly!

Dear great cute lord Wiccan,

i thank you for replying to my previous questions and offer you a year supply of chocolate mouse (which do u lke? dark, milk, or white?) i have but one more question for you, What is your most favirote cartoon? (Tv or comic) i thank you once again Great Great cutelord Wiccan (sorry i could not put any paragraphs in this email, but my pc gone up the creek!) Csonic6


Chocolate bad for kitty, but I think Jaime like milk chocolate? I like Tama and Friends. Kitty luv!

Dear Wiccan,

I really like this girl that we met over a forum, and we've even met before, but the problem is, she lives in Canada, whereas I live in America! I want to meet her more, but plane tickets cost so much now a days, and since we both don't have jobs yet, we cant pay for ourselves! She last came when her dad had an auction near me, so we were able to get together. My parents have met her of course, so they know she exists, but, I'm stuck on what to do! Should I ask my parents to take me there, or should I keep it an internet relationship until we can pay for ourselves?


Mr Sammy.

PS: Tell John Joseco to keep up the good work by jumping on his head or something.


Keep the internet relationship until you can pay for ticket to see this sexy kitty. It not right to expect parents to pay so much to visit someone not family.

Hi Wiccan, first off, you soo rock. I'd like to have a kitty friend like you to play with my bunny. But to the reason why I am here, I have this friend that I like a lot, but I'm not sure if he likes me back. He always complain if I wait more then a week to talk to him, and he thinks I'm cute. We've even gone out to a movie. But he's sooo passive, I just can't tell if he likes me, and I'm passive to, so I don't want to ask. Can you please help me?

Your fan... SUPER ME!


Oooh... kitty and bunny do not mix... kitty like pounce and bunny get scared for life! Hmm.. you friend sound like he like you. Ask him out again or just talk to him? Many people too shy to talk! He sound like he's mewing for you but you don't know what to do! Mew back and see what happen!

I greet you, greatest and most wise being on earth.

Just wanted to what it'll be like when you rule the world. Will you force everyone on earth to love you and threat you like a kitty goddess or will you just be so adorable that noone can withstand your cuteness. (like dark and light side of the MEW)

Your wanabe Padamew!
Don Bob

There just can't be enough "Mew" in a sentence, mew!


A kitty goddess need not force love, it is showered upon her like catnip! ;p

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