September 10, 2004
The more questions! The more this kitty answers!

Dear Wiccan,

Who's the best feline anime character: Kyo (Fruits Basket), Luna (Sailor Moon), or Kuroneko (Trigun)?


Kuroneko. Mew.

Dear WIccan,

hi wiccan! i am soo your biggest fan! gosh! you are like,so cute! mew?mew..mew mew mew! hehehe...kawaii! now on to the question... where did Jamie get you? on the street in a pet shop? and if you have a brother or sister, could i have him or her? cuz you cats are so cuteee! i just love cats...hehehe, oh well...you rock wiccan! keep on the meow...Ü



I found Jamie in store. I have family somewhere and everywhere. Adopt a homeless kitty from local shelter or you'll make this kitty cry! ;-;

Dear Wiccan,

do you think that HENRIETTA PUSSYCAT from mister rogers had anything to do with the way cat-girls are today in demeanor and poise? or was there some other determining factor that is leading the surge of cat-girls in the world today, and the way they act? or was it YOU in all your softness that is giving us all
this kawaii-goodness?

where did the cat-girls come from? how long will they be here? are they taking over the world? will one take me prisoner? (wishful thinking mode engaged)

(Drow Warrior/Mage experimenting in cat to elf
transfigurations. experiment #1 "Evie" http://www.kcrew.org/~shadzar/dnd/)


Perhaps, she good role model for the kitty girls of today. Some argue it was Ms. Julie Mewmar that made the image of kitty girls popular.

Kitty girl come same place all things come from.. a mommy and daddy.. more information need to be asked of you own and not a kitty. o.o; Only kitty knows how long they will be here and maybe one day? I know not on this.

Dearest Lady of Mew,

I write you today to ask a question... A question of epic proportion. A question of passion, mystery, suspense, romance...!

Actually, it's not that great, just the regular, ordinary kind of question, mew! =^.^=

In any case, I'm sure you are aware that your name is also meaning one that practices wicca. The word wicca in itself means "the wise one" or "wit", and I think it suits you well. So what I'm wondering is... Why do you think your name is "Wiccan" instead of "Wicca", and how do you feel about it? I think it's wicked. I've also noticed that there are a lot of "wi" words in this email. XP

I also wanted to ask something about my dog... She bats around and chews on her ball in a very catlike fashion, and is lying/sitting/walking on top of the couch all the time. Do you think it's possible that she may have been a cat in another life? She has a tendency to always land on her feet, as well.

Thank you very much for your time, oh fairest Lady of Mew.


Koneko Kel-chan


Good, you answer a question that people have mailed of me: "What is a Wiccan?". My name is Wiccan, I am magical kitty. But you doggy, possibly she was kitty in another life? I dunno if it means she was a wicked kitty to be rebirthed as a dog. o.o

Greatest and blackest of all small four-pawed creatures of the origin felis domesticus, I honor you!

Heyaaaa, me again! You guessed so, right? Ah, I love it to talk with such a smart cat.

Before I come to my daily question, let me thank you. Deeply thank you. Never was I honored more by a catthan this. Answering my first question online on your page was totally unexpected and a dream come true.
Even in full lenght you wrote it down with the stolen art supplies! Thank thee thousand times!

Now let me ask you the holy weekly question. Better, let's start the weekly question ritual! First: The Gong.




Oh allwise cat!




We praise thee!




Share your wisdom with your adorers!




*rols out the question scroll*

Two days ago the cat of my grandmother went the way of all that is living. She had a stroke in the morning. There was no help, her left side was numbed and shaking, she couldn't walk anymore and had no control over herself. I was with my grandmother that day so I drove them to the vet. We were both there when she got the final injections. Although she was an aged cat lady of 18 years, she needed two injections because the first one just didn't get her to die. My grandmother buried her in the woods behind my uncle's house, where his old cat also has it's final resting place. Although I don't believe in afterlifes and see dead beings as things, I felt miserable all day and still now.

I wonder what you know about a cat dying. Do they, as the supreme beings they are, have a safe haven of some kind where they go to? Or are they, just like us, dead and gone forever once the brain activity stops? Andwas it correct of us to kill this cat to end her suffering? It is strange, I am very used to death, but still it is something I really think about once it happens to someone I know.

Sorry, I am too thoughtful and sad to continue. Ritual ends here. *burns scroll* *bong*

As always, a normal Kittyfish answer is totally satisfying, a publishing would extend my adoration for you to extremes unknown to normal human beings.

Avec les salutations en plus chalheureuses je reste, chère chatmoiselle, votre humble serviteur


P.S.: If you want to give Poe the black cat a new home, I would ask nekothekitty@o2.ie , if I were you... ^-^


If she was sick, then she was sent to better place. We do have our own little place we go, or we run around with you humans in your own afterlife. No ever really likes the idea of someone they love passing away, no matter how used they be to idea of death.

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