August 27 , 2004
This week's Rave Kitty was a parody! Mew Kittens invaded the world!

Dear Wiccan

I am a huge fan of the lounge and rave kitty
i have two questions
#1: Are you a girl or a boy?
#2: i have a problem, i see very sexy girls almost every where in college and i know alot of smart funny girls but im not attacted to any of them (well accept the sexy ones) not enough to try and go out with them, but im not gay! so what the F*+&k is wrong with me!

Ps. im also a cat person (Mew) i was in a comic once on a site
form fellow cat lover (not in any perverted way)


I am a kitty girl. o.o Maybe you are shy or afraid of no love so you no try? Kitty must ponder on this, maybe you are in denial?

Hey Wiccan,

I need advice.
I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months a while ago, and I've been regretting it ever since.
I recently wrote a note, but didn't really intend to give it to him. Well... A friend found out, stole it, and gave it to him while another friend held me back. *sob* My friends are so mean!
Anyway, a friend of his (and mine) has been asking him if he'd go out with me again. And he said no, he only wanted to be friends. But on the last day of school he said that he only said no because he was going to be gone all summer and wouldn't be able to keep in touch till school started again.
I'm wondering if I should keep at it, or give up on him. I love him so much and can't believe I broke his heart like that! Meeeeeeeeew! *sob*

I want to know what you think! Thanks for your help!



Think about why you broke up, if you love him, nothing you do will change that. For now, try just being kitty friends and see if he wants to get back together when the year picks up. You are still a kitten, so try not to worry about love too much, you'll find it and keep it hidden like favorite catnip mouse.

Dear My Wiccan,

I've been havin trouble keeping my inner kitty....I mean when im in school, I just have the urge to go up to them and "mew," I don't think thats the bad thing...The BAD thing is that I bite them for no reason.....and sometimes scratch them...I can't seem to control that...what should I do?

The One And Only,
MiGhTy MaNgO (yea, im ruler of mangoes, and part kitty =D)


Get your shot current. Biting people is bad because you don't know where they have been, you might need to talk to vet about it.

Dear cute and fuzzy answerer of questions,
What is your opinion on Garfield, the cartoon cat, and his new movie
that is
coming out soon?


Movies based from comic never as good. :/

Dear Wiccan,

First off, I have to say that i am a huge fan, I love your work. Jumping down girls shirtz(ex. Italy and Angel) and getting love for it requires made skillz, i know i've tryed it, not to mention your housed by the Grey Eyed-Goddess of shortness, Jamie. You living the high life, dude.And i was just wondering if a smooth crimanal like yourself would happen to pick up any nick-names?

Mew! back at the Tomcat!


I am the Kitty Goddess, Kitty Jedi Master, Kitty Overlord, and lesbo kitty. o.0;

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