August 20 , 2004
MEW! Summer's almost ending and no milk yet!

Dear Kitty Lord,

me and my girl friend, who i might add is a bit of a cat-girl herself, wonder if things will work out with my going to collage. sure im only a few hours away but still i will not be able to see her as much. any help
would be great.

p.s. you two are way too cute!

Thanks again, "Wolf-man" Walker


It will work if you want it to work. Try to mew as often as you can and purr loudly when you see her, lonely kitties will wander away.

Dear Wiccan,

Why haven't you completed world domination yet? I'm desperately holding on to the hope that you will run the world and stop the senseless idiocracies that run and ruin the world today. How much longer must this lost soul wait?

- Val

PS: FYI Val as in Valien, not Valerie... I'm a guy ^_^. Alot of people misunderstand that nickname.


onquering the world take time, dumb doggies will always mess things up even with a kitty goddess on top of the bookshelf.

Dear All-Mighty Cat-Lord Wiccan,

How does a really shy person summon up the curage to ask a girl out? Or at least strike a good conversation!? Oh and my friend wondered if Jamie uses AIM, and if so what is her Screen name?


Just ask? Many people like ask this, talking to girl is easy just need to do it. Jamie screenname is CENSORED** (Bad kitty!)

Does Rave kitty jamie, Look the same in real? Cuz jamie, I just wanted to say you are wonderfully beautiful. :D


Jamie is pretty kitty girl on screen and in person. =^_^=

Dear Wiccan,

how did Jamie come up with your turbo cool name?



I a magical kitty.

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