??, 2005

Even kitty get spams. o.0; Write me moooorrreeess! <3

Dear wiccan,

When do you actually believe you will take over the world? And try not to stop my quest to take over canada please!!!~~~!111!!!11!11 Your lord and master, ... ... ... ME


Somedays... maybe soons. BWAHAHAHA. Mew.


Cheap Meds most charge $14.95 we charge only $2.59 No Prescr1pt1ion requ1red sh1pped wor1dw1ide Check it out I saved over 70% *URL removed*


..... humans scares me sometimes, why sends me these? D0 typ1/|/g l1k3 th15 m4k3 c00l5? You breaks the Kittyfish that ways!!! Uses Engrish!


I don't really know this is truth but do you know if Ana is coming and how  old is brisa?

ojitos bellos


Whos? o.0;

Dear Pouncer formaly known as Wiccan.
What size shoe does Italy wear? Jar Jar Bynx


Big one? There ares shoe size?

Dear my good feline,

In my enemy's kingdom, there exists a persistent noble who is plotting to take the crown. On numbers of occasions, I have ordered my personal assassins to extinguish his devious ways, but all have failed and have ended up in my dungeons. How must I stop this insolent cur? His arrogance and treachery have caused great peril and turmoil within my land. Thank thee for thy help,

Sincerely, Lord Angry Faic of Ruffles

P.S: Please forgive any spelling or grammar blunders. My scribes are rather incompetent. Perhaps I should show them the dungeons...


Try different method? Let hims know you ons to him? No throwing kitty in dungeon if it no work!! >_<

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