??, 2005

Fear not! Been hides behind the mystic kitty garden of catnips!

oh great Kitty I must burden ye with a question. See,
I'm friends with this guy. he's smart and funny. but
he has groupies. o.o they scare me. he wants to ask me
to dance but they crowd him, and when he did ask, I
was too shy to say yes. what should I do? will it lead
to something? from Titanium Kerokko of the Kero clan,
Friend of Nyan-Nyan-chan leader of the nyan clan


Hiss at other kitties in your mind and smile greatly as you take his hand to dance! He asks you and not them, this good thing.

:Dear kawaii kuro neko-chan,
I have an issue that I think you may be able to help. You see I have this habit of chasing, batting or pouncing on shiny objects whenever I see them. For example e my math teacher has this silver pendulum hanging down from his ceiling that I have batted at for the past 2 years. My classmates say I'm insane.... but I cant help it. I just love shiny object! What should I do?

mucho gracias


Must resist shiny.... @_@ Must pounce!! *pouncecrash* Meeewwwwwwwwww. x_x


Dearest Wiccan,

Meow! I am an 18 year old male cat, I wear a fedora hat with kitty ears mi mum made for me (per request) and I find the life of a nurturing male tiger to be difficult. I have feline and feminine tendancies that seem out of place for my stature, what's a kitten to do... It is ok for a guy to be feline right Wiccan? I mean I'm comfortable acting this way; loving to snuggle, share *hugz* and express deeper forms of love through *nuzzlez*, it's who I am, yet people jump to conclusions, always assuming things about my sexual orientation. On a lighter note, when I stumbled upon Rave Kitty with you and Jamie, I found something adorable that i can relate to! Mew! It's so wonderful. Well tootlez Wiccan! *Tips Fedora hat*

~Your Friendly Flamboyant Feminine Feline heterosexual,



This behavior in toms is confusing, but ask kittens to dance and saucers of milk? They will know truth then. No worry about what other people say and be your tom self.

Hello wiccan,

I have a question. When you say MEW do mean like mew or just MEW, because i was worried for a second.



Aren't you just a rip-off of the kitty from "Trigun"?
mark tran


No, this kitty does not rip anything from other kitties. Such a mean thing to say!

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