February 23, 2005

Have many mails to pounce still! Many old mails.. send me mores for catnip?

Mew! I'm a catboy who's very lonely...there are no good kitty girls
around here! All of the girls at my university are either too stuck-up
or really...promiscuous, loose, whatever you want to call it, not
proper girls, mew! Where do I go to meet a nice kitty girl? Am I
missing somewhere on the Internet where I can meet one? Where do they
hang IRL? Do I EVER have a chance at kitty bliss? Mewwwww...

Little lost kitty,



Kitty girls are like precious mousey, they hide when you look for them! Keep eye open and purr often.

Naughty cat, you're teasing us (as cats are wont to
do). I pray it is a simple html error, or a slip of
the mind, or perhaps a mere distraction by something
shiney or fluffy (or huggly).

Hungry cats sometimes mew at their dinner bowl.
Consider me as doing this.



Mew? o.0; h-t-m-l? Do I eat it? Nip the artist man in the shoelace maybe?


Dear Wiccan. I've never seen the saying "No Leeching" and would like to know what it means. I wouldn't want to do anything that would get me beat up. (I'm a guy and I always get beat up by girls for no apparent reason.) Also. How would I go about being safe from the new draft the makes sure no onje is exempt. I want to go to college.

The Village Idiot Set


No leeechhing? Maybe it mean no eat leeches? They drink bloods, yes?

Hello great kitty!
I need some advice from a fantastic cat such as yourself! I recently
started college and i like this girl in my media class. We get on, and she
likes the things i like, and shes really cute. However she is like 2 years
older than me. I would ask her out, its just i liked a girl for two years that
hated my guts and i really don't want to ruin what i have with her just
because i tell her my feelings.

Gah, please help me in my time of need!
Jordan "Kingofunrealuk" Zadeh


Ask her as friend? Share a saucer of milk?

Oh most befurred pawwalking grace of darkest

Eeeck, I have to write you a mail! FAST! It's nearly

So, most blackfurred kitten of kittyness and kittious
kitten of kittability, here's my weekly question. I
mean, weekly questions are necessary. Very necessary.
at least once a month, right?

It is difficult to think of a question worthy to be
asked to you, my wonderful
kittymaybeagodessornotwhoknows. It must be a special
question, a quiestion so extraordinary, so ridiculous,
so one-of-a-kind that...oh, I know!

Ahm, what do you think is the purpose of humans in
life other than evolutionary? I mean it is just so
ridiculous that humans are actually living, right?
They seems so helpless. They stumble through life,
desperately looking for a higher sense, even accept
the totally IDIOTIC ideas of godlike beings stirring
us like little remote controlles mousies. I brought
you one, by the way. Remote controlled mouses, some
cats like them. *stirrs it around*

Why are humans not looking for fun and relaxation,
like cats and wolfes? Why do they have the urge to
make their and other humans' lifes as miserable as

Good question, huh? Philosophical and insulting at the
same time. Ah, I love my work.

As normally a normal KittyfishAnswer is totally
satisfying, and the honor of being answered on Ask
Wiccan more than a humble creature like me could bear.

Avec les salutations en plus chalheureuses, je rest,
chère chateouselle, votre humble serviteur.



Meaning of human life is too deep a question for this kitty. We not know these things, too much of a question for a simple kitty goddess to answer. People are like kitties, all different but in the end like a good nap in a sunbeam for a while before trying to take over the world.

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