May 22 , 2005

No names? Please sign names! So many nameless e-mails make kitty sad. ;-;

Dear wiccan.
Would you like to become bigger? You should try growing mushrooms. The kind you eat, and then you grow. Tell Max that one.
And what is 2+2? I got my own way.. ::Holds up two fingers, one for plus, another two, one for equals, and one more for the answer.::  7. Might be hard for you, with paws and all. From Hulky. PS. ZEEKY BOOGY DOOG!


What as Is growings? 49 is the answers to life, the universe and everythings.


Wiccan, how long have you been that size? Why haven't you grown ever since your first apperance? I find it strange that you are the same size as when you first showed up. Please answer soon.


This is mys full size. ^^;; I is a short kitty.


Chicken or Beef?



Just wanted to see how you are doing? It has been a bit since we chatted. How are the kitties doing? Hope to hear back from you soon.


Busy kitties, goods but very busy!

Hi there Wiccan!    

 I was wondering, who has the best food? Italy's Japanese food or Max's Filipino goodness? Also, who is the softest of all the girls? ^_^ I await your response, O wise kittums.

The Khai


Both foods are yummy! All the girls soft and squishy but I no tell!

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