June 25 , 2004
More more mew questions! Send! Send! Answer! Mew!

Dear Super Cute and All Powerful Kitty Overlord Wiccan,\

I Humbly ask your advice on how a super shy guy like me could ask a
girl out without being laughed at. I am a big loser =(

Samuel Jay Towb
Also know as Sammm2
Also Hated by all teachers

P.S. I like kitties!

P.P.S. Have free picture.


So many person have problem with this! Maybe draw girl pretty picture with note? Just asking help too.

Dear Wiccan,

Konnichiwa!- nyo~

Everyday seems the same to me, school, go home,
eat, etc etc....what should I do to make it a LOT more



Try finding new hobby or change the routine a little. Maybe play DDR, nap and eat after school? Chase flutter things.. butterfly?

Dear Wiccan.

Hello again!
First and foremost, I would like to thank you very much for settling the Jedi debate once and for all. With the conflict resolved, however, I have begun to wonder which is better, a dog, or a robo dog. Clearly, we can all agree that cats are better than both, but of the two, which do you prefer?

-John ^_^


Robo dog. It run out of juice, is not drooly and does not smell stinky.

Dear Wiccan,

You who are so wise in all things kitty, I beseech you.

I have known many cats, milady, but my current kitty companion perplexes me most greatly. I am accustomed to feline friends chasing after small paper balls I throw for their amusement, but he who currently lives with me brings said ball back to be thrown again. In essence – he plays fetch, a most un-cat-like behavior and it causes me worry that he may be associating with odd sorts of people. Have you ever known another fetch-playing cat? Is it a problem? Please help!

-Distressed Human with Feline Associate


Brain wiping! I have heard other kitty doing this... it perplexes muchly, do not think it real problem. Some kitty just do wierd thing.

Dear Wiccan,

Other than DDR, FFXI and RO, what other games does Jamie play? What games do YOU play,Wiccan?
-The gamer known as EdFanMH.


Soul Reaver and Ninja Gaiden are two she play. I can not work controls. I play "pounce", "attack kitty" and "hidden kitty". Most like Metal Gear Mew with box.

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