August 06 , 2004
Meeeew.... we are sooo late! Happy to be back! MEW! Very, very late!!!

Yo Wiccan I need some dating advice.. Here's the story...
I want to go out with this girl...so does by good friend. One of my other friends is an expert about this sort-of stuff but he doesn't have a clue what I should do... This is the situation...
I like a girl
My friend likes the same girl
My "Expert" friend says to talk to her first
But my friend that likes the girl I like is already planning to go out with her



If your friend plan to date this kitty, it no nice to try to steal her. Support you friend and be one.

Dear Wiccan

Is Jamie ever going to have a plot line in her comic or is it just going to be random stuff?


This, only JJ know.

Ok, just out of curiousity, I noticed that todays Comic is titled number 23, but looking back in the archives theres only like 10 comics posted. Where are the other 13?


Jamie got very sick, there was no heart to post for those 10 weeks. Might be there one day.

Dear Wiccan,

I would like to find Kittyfish(TM), but know not where to find it. Any idea where I can get it?

-Onime no Kyo



Is protontype, we have only existing copy. They make a fish for you to stick in ear. http://babelfish.altavista.com

Wiccan theres this girl that Ive Loved ...FOREVER... and well she Is dating my best friend... How do I make her like me?
HI JAMIE!!! ^^



Not try to steal her from best friend?

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